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Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.  I invite you to share this journey with me.  This is my interpretation of our natural world, beautiful people and places.

From a very young age, I have been captivated by nature.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me the opportunity to experience the sea, tall mountains, thick forests and the four seasons.  My playground was nature.  As a result, I grew up with a never-ending desire to explore.

Today, I venture down trails, through city streets, into canyons, along beaches, across deserts, or wherever I can find all that is beautiful.  I choose to focus on all that is good in our complex and ever-changing global world.

Photography shapes my life by being in the outdoors and experiencing all of it’s beauty.  How we view nature, people and life is a personal experience all of our own.  Through my photographs I attempt to bring my experiences to you in the form of a photographic image.

My inspiration comes from more than the places I visit and desire to experience new landscapes and cultures.  I love books.  I collect the works of other photographers and artists.  I study those who came before us and are here making a difference today.  Their philosophies and their teachings help me to develop my own personal style.  I believe that our personal style is ever-evolving, changing and moving with the pace and experiences of our lives.

I must also mention, nature is my balance.  It is my way to stay grounded in our fast paced world.  I spent a majority of my life in the world of business and I was able to find my balance after leaving it several years back.  I picked up my camera full-time and got outdoors.  There is a certain freedom being immersed in our natural world.


My motivation is high to encourage others to experience and be in nature.  Travel.  Explore.  We don’t have to go far.  Nature and beautiful places are all around us.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


Email:  marlahuntphotography@gmail.com

Blog:  www.marlahuntblog.com

Website:  www.marlamhunt.com

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