Portugal has one-third the population of the state of California and is almost half it’s size in square miles.  But, don’t let it’s size fool you.  This country is rich in tradition, culture, landscapes, beaches and vineyards.

Five Things I Love About Portugal

  1. The cultural diversity in Lisbon and Porto.  
  2.  Douro Valley and it’s famous port wine. 
  3. The beaches, seafood and lots of it!
  4. The ease of travel by car.
  5. A great value for your travel dollar.  

Here are a few postcards from this beautiful European country.

A trolley car makes its way on the streets of Lisbon.
A cafe bar in Lisbon. A great place to listen to Fado music and talk with locals!
Walking the streets of Lisbon.
An entertainer on the streets of Lisbon.
The historical district in Porto, Portugal.
A balcony in the historical district of Porto.
Traveling the streets through the Duoro Valley.
Church bells in the Algarve!
The beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal.

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